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Advanced measurement for profitable advertising with

Leader plugin for WordPress sites

Plug And Play – One-minute installation without the need for coding.
A WordPress plugin for quick installation and intuitive setup. With the Leader plugin all your leads from all advertising sources are in one place. All the information from your advertising, down to the keyword or audience level is connected to the details of the leads and becomes powerful big data that allows you to make better decisions, faster.

Welcome to a new era of data-driven marketing excellence.
The Leader plugin for WordPress websites connects the forms of your website and also makes the phone numbers on your website dynamic and measurable by replacing them with smart virtual numbers – all without the need to write code. A simple Plug And Play connection that does it all.

Increase advertising profitability
In a unified advertising ecosystem where every phone call form submission and even WhatsApp contact are enriched with detailed insights about your advertising. You can see the customer journey from clicking on an ad to the result. Identify the points of profit and also the places that do not generate profit. This is information that makes it possible to direct the advertising budget to the most profitable places and increase advertising profitability.

Wordpress landing page example

Installation in less than a minute

How do you install a plugin in the WordPress system?

  1. Click “New Plugin” in the WordPress Plugins tab.
  2. Browse your computer and upload the Leader Plugin ( – click “Install now”
  3. Click “Turn on Plugin”

How to install leader-for-wp plugin

Done with the installation – Now the Leader menu will appear in the side menu of WordPress

Leader tab in wordpress admin

Connecting contact forms

Campaign Settings Tab – Filling in your Leader campaign details.

Here we will define the details of the Leader campaign that we want to broadcast to.
In the Leader campaign settings (in the Leader system) you will find the campaign ID and password.
Complete the Campaign ID and Campaign Pass and click Save Options to receive a shortcode.

leader shortcode

When your forms send information to Leader
Please note that the form transmits values (input name) according to the values defined in the Leader campaign (can be seen in the campaign settings in the Leader system).
Basic fields for example: Name: Fname, Phone: Phone, Mail: Email.

WordPress system requirements: The Leader plugin requires the installation of Contact form 7 or Elementor forms, the most common form plugins for WordPress systems.

Contact form 7 forms

Connecting the form
Copy and paste the shortcode (marked in green in the picture above), directly into the Contact Us form “Contact form 7” before Send (Submit) button.
shortcode for contactform 7

Elementor froms

  1. Enter the shortcode in a new HTML field in the wanted form. do not forget to Click on the dynamic icon and select the Shortcode option

2. In the advanced settings of each field, make sure that the ID of the field is the same as the name of the field in the leader to which you want to transmit.
field id - elementor

Connecting trackable phone numbers to the site

Phone numbers tab

Here we will set the phone number that appears on the site – Base number to replace
and the measurement numbers that will replace it according to the different traffic sources – The Plugin will find the existing number and replace it in the user’s display so that the measurement number will be displayed without having to edit the site pages.

We will set a traffic source for every number – utm / domain
For organic traffic measurement– We will fill in the domain name, for example
For paid search traffic measurement– For example, a Google Ads campaign will be marked as google_ads and then a link will be added with the UTM that we wrote in Google Ads campaign. For more information on UTM-coded links, click here
It is also possible to set a general measurement number that will be presented for any other scenario – Number for direct or unknown referrer

Example of full details
In this example, you can see the definitions of measurable numbers for Google Sponsored, Facebook Sponsored, Instagram, Linkedin Sponsored, Google Organic and Facebook Organic. In addition, a general number for other sources.

Important sources will receive an assignment number so that the traffic source can be known with 100% certainty, even if the caller saved the number and got in contact a few days later. For the rest of the sources, only one measurable number can be set.

Trackable numbers tab in leader-for-wp plugin

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