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A simple and fast connection to increase advertising profitability

Quick start guide in 2 steps

Leader is your bridge to a more profitable advertising. All your leads in one place. All the information from your advertising, down to the keyword or audience level is connected to the details of the leads and becomes powerful big data that allows you to make better decisions faster.

Ready to increase profitability in your advertising? Connect now and discover the power of Leader for yourself.

1Connect your website

Connect your website or landing page effortlessly to gather all leads in one place — forms, phone calls, and even WhatsApp.

2Tag your advertising

Set up Dynamic Tracking parameters (UTM) in your advertising to measure campaign performance from all advertising sources.

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Connect a Website or Landing Page

Connect your website or landing page effortlessly to gather all leads—forms, phone calls, and even WhatsApp from all advertising sources in one place. Unlock the power of detailed insights from your advertising to make informed decisions, optimize your advertising, and increase profitability.

Options to Connect



Connect Advertising Data with UTM

UTM parameters, created by Google, provide a powerful tool for tracking the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns across various traffic sources and media platforms.

Unlock Maximum ROI with UTM and Leader.
Harness the power of UTM templates seamlessly integrated with your advertising platforms and connect the advertising data to every lead received. This granular insight empowers you to track revenue generated by individual keywords, audiences, or any other segment you choose.

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Test your site

Now that you have Leader pixel or Leader Plugin on your website you can test how it works. Use a URL with UTM to test your site.

Example of a link containing UTM parameters – replace To your domain.
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