I highly recommend Leader for managing performance activities for clients across the United States. Their system is incredibly user-friendly and allows me and my team to track our clients’ performance activities in real-time, regardless of their time zone. The flexibility of the system is a game changer for us. Each of our clients can set their own time zone, making it easy for us to stay on top of their performance activities. The team at Leader is also very responsive and helpful, always going above and beyond to ensure that our needs are met.

As the owner of an advertising agency with over 250 clients. Leader is unequivocally the easiest system (!) and suitable for small and medium businesses. There is an end-to-end solution that also allows our customers to have an interface for them. The firm’s team manages the lead activity of all clients from a single dashboard and always knows the results from all platforms in real time. recommend +

I am an analyst who works with a large number of clients, there is no client to whom I do not recommend Leader, the clients who listened to my recommendation do not start the morning without checking what is happening in Leader – a must-have product for every website!

5 years experience and very satisfied! Leader opens and closes a circle that allows you to get a complete picture of the customer’s journey. Starting from the advertising platform through communication with the organization’s systems and back. The best lead management system I’ve come across. highly recommend!

An efficient and simple system so that anyone can operate and analyze regardless of the level of prior knowledge.
And above all, amazing, personal and professional service! 🙏🏻

Excellent system, very sophisticated, and easy to operate.
Guy is professional and kind, solved endless problems and problems that were not always related to the service for which we paid, for a long time I have not met a “service provider” at this level.
hats off!!!